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Dr. Hubert Minnis and Michael Pintard MP

Try as they might to paper over the cracks, the cracks are being exposed in the open.  There is internecine warfare within the Free National Movement over the question of who will lead the party.  On the one side is Michael Pintard who for the moment is the Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of the party.  There are bets all around that this won’t last long.  In the not, so wings of the party, is the former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, who is plotting and scheming to make a comeback.

Up until recently, this was more or less educated speculation.  There were signs of course.  Mr. Pintard at one point told the press that the former Prime Minister was not a team player. He also said at another point that Mr. Minnis did not speak for the Free National Movement.  When Mr. Pintard would speak in the House of Assembly, Mr. Minnis would absent himself and vice versa.

What brought it out in the open was the story by Candia Dames in The Nassau Guardian last week about a row that took place in the halls of the FNM’s headquarters over whether Mr. Minnis would be allowed to speak to branch meetings of the party.  Mr. Pintard said no.  Dr. Minnis was not amused.

In any event Dr, Minnis did not take no for an answer because shortly thereafter, he took a berth at the Rotary Club to express his views on policy matters.  Then there were widely publicized photos of Dr. Minnis speaking at the branch meeting of Bamboo Town, which is a seat formerly held by his ally the former Minister of Health Renward Wells. Mr. Pintard has a fight on his hands and the bet is that he won’t last until Christmas.

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