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We Bahamian people in a fit of pique have elected the most cruel, hateful, vengeful, disgusting government in the history of our country. Not since the dreaded United Bahamian Party was elected to office on a crooked franchise in 1962 have we had such wicked people elected to office.  They are wicked in large ways and small.  They have no backbone and stand for nothing but money.

Who can forget the tales of the female Minister of the Government who got so offended because the people in the room did not stand when she entered.  She threw down her books on the table, stormed out, and told them that when she returned she wanted to see everyone standing.  Life is sweet when you are someone’s sweetheart.

Then there are the four former MPs who the FNM under Hubert Minnis and directed by the machinations of the man behind the shades have been arrested and slave shamed.  Marvin Dames is so dumb, he doesn’t even understand the term and so cannot accept that this is slave shaming. It is now easy to see why he did not become the Commissioner of Police under Hubert Ingraham.  Alas, he should learn that he cannot now be the Commissioner of Police through the back door.  He must let the Commissioner be the Commissioner and stop interfering in the ordinary work of the police force.

Last week, after the military junta in Thailand sat in waiting for a false verdict to be delivered against the civilian Prime Minister that they ousted from power, the former PM fled the country and headed to safe haven with her brother in Dubai.  We wish that the PLPs had a safe haven to which to flee as well.

There is no possible way that any of them can get a fair trial in this country.  It is impossible. The tragedy is that we are led by a group people whose only motives are hate and vengeance.  They have no idea how to govern this country.

This week, Moody’s said that the outlook for the country is negative.  The FNM instead crowed about the fact that the country was not downgraded.  Oh but it was. The outlook turned from stable to negative.

The PLP continues to believe in this country.  We must take back the reins of power as quickly as possible.  There are fifty-seven months to go before the return. Let us work before night comes.

As you know, the FNM, under Minnis will send his own ma to jail if she is a PLP.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 26 August 2017 up to midnight: 368,831;
Number of hits for the month of August up to Saturday 26th August 2017 up to midnight: 1,218,533;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 26th August 2017 up to midnight: 8,436,520.