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discount viagra times;”>The once vibrant, generic viagra dynamic and energetic party (FNM) with a lot of promise under Cecil Wallace Whitfield looks sick, injured and dying, perhaps on the verge of collapse. It is a pathetic shadow of itself. Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, who led them to victory, is gone and probably won’t come back but the party keeps hankering for him to come, not accepting that his era is gone.

In fact those words come not from us but from the man who leads them today. He pronounced the Ingraham era dead and gone when he became leader of the FNM just after Mr. Ingraham abandoned ship. Hubert Minnis, the now leader, offended a lot of FNMs when he said it but clearly he meant it. He has systematically neutered every trace of Mr. Ingraham in the FNM leadership. This makes him immune in a sense that Tommy Turnquest was not to a challenge from Mr. Ingraham. Mr. Ingraham knows it, so he is now fighting what you call a rear guard action.

Imagine on Thursday last when the paper appeared, the FNM and the FNM dominated press were touting the fact that Sidney Collie won the Chairmanship of the FNM. Things must be sadly desperate when that is what you crow about. The political impact is as powerful as throwing dead fish against a hurricane proof window. Mr. Collie who was forced to resign as a Minister because he forgot some basic tenents of the law.

The real problem was what Frank Watson had to say. He, the former Deputy Prime Minister, said that his issue was that here must have been other choices in the field. The other choice was Rodney Moncur. That is what you call from worse to “wusser”.

Mr. Moncur is in a word a joke. He is a misogynist in an era which demands gender equality. He is homophobic. In his response to the failure of his election bid as chairman, he claimed that he was “at 59 too old to start likin man”. He is an entertainer. How could the FMM think that he was even an acceptable choice as an alternative even to Sidney Collie and his modest accomplishments?

It says much about the FNM that they would even turn in that direction. The party at large clearly had no interest in it. The press said that over 100 people did not show up for the poll. So that tells you.

So here’s how we see it. The FNM will probably be led by Hubert Minnis into the General Election. That for the PLP is a good thing. He is their best friend. He sticks his feet in mud and mess from one to the next and doesn’t even know he is knee deep in it. Hubert Ingraham and company will try to pull some strings from the sidelines to derail him but we don’t think that is going to happen.

In the meantime, the PLP will hope that it coasts to victory on those failures. The party should not count on it. The electorate is not paying attention to the fight of the FNM. All they know is that is the alternative.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 16th April 2016 up to midnight: 237,503;
Number of hits for the month of April up to Saturday 16th April 2016 up to midnight: 592,075;
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