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Courtesy of The Tribune: Frederick McAlpine, Vaughn Miller, Travis Robinson and Reece Chipman – all FNM MPs

The Tribune says that Reece Chipman MP Centreville, Frederick McAlpine, Pineridge, Travis Robinson, Bain and Grants Town and Vaughn Miller, Golden Gates, all FNMs are to be dealt with at a conclave which the FNM intends to hold this weekend.  We wait for this. The FNM would be making a classic mistake of making them martyrs.  Just as well though, because it will force them to see that you cannot be fish and fowl.  You have to be one or the other. The question is where do these four hope to get with their current actions.  All of them continue to say that they are still FNMs, despite the fact of the report for example that Rev. McAlpine is not welcome any more in the caucus meetings of the FNM.  The question we want to ask is: what is the PLP going to do?  It is rumoured that the four are looking for a fifth to form a rebel group in the House to go to the Governor General and ask her to appoint one of them Leader of the Opposition and strip the PLP for the first time in its 65-year history of its title of Official Opposition.  The PLP in our view should not sit still in the face of these rumours and find out what is happening and get these four to see the sense of joining the PLP.