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Photos by Vesco Hanna

Well it turns out that Fred Mitchell the former MP for Fox Hill had had enough. He had been passing the Fox Hill Community Centre and watching it deteriorate before his very eyes. Millions of dollars of hardware donated by the PLP when it was in government to the people of Fox Hill was falling into ruin. The signature piece of the Community Centre was the swimming pool and now the fence was breached and the pool was full of green muck and garbage. The children have not been able to use the pool for nine months. Mr. Mitchell brought it to the attention of the public.  The response from the Member of Parliament was that the pool went green because the evacuees were living in the Centre and she did not want them swimming in the pool. That is totally and patently untrue.  The pool is green because the FNM refused to honour the agreement with the contractor who built the pool to pay the maintenance for the building for three years. When that stopped., the MP did nothing to make sure that the building would be maintained. Two months ago, she presided over a  ceremony  the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which was supposed to  provide money from the Government for the building and its environs.  This came after the InterAmerican Bank threatened to withdraw the money for the Citizen Security programme if they did not get the  Fox hill Community programme up and running. Two months have passed, they have fired the staff because the government has not provided the money to run or maintain the centre.  The money promised to repair the damage done while the evacuees were there has not been provided either.  This is the era of Minnis where truth is lies and lies are truth.