The Freeport News Is Lost In Space

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Last week the Freeport News put a story in the paper on 5 March 2020 in which it claimed that the PLP was too low key in Grand Bahama. It is obvious that they are badly misinformed and engaging in singing for their supper.  There is an agenda it appears, pushing someone into a  leadership position who may not be a fit and proper person. Newspapers of record have to be  very careful about parroting untruths and subjective commentary as news. The PLP is more active than ever before.  We have pointed this out to the Freeport News before. The Freeport News pays no attention to what the PLP is doing and so would have no idea what the PLP is doing. What is clear is that a cabal of people who are prejudiced in a certain direction want to retake the party and since that is not happening they are able to feed these tendentious messages to the public via the Freeport News.  This is very sad and  destructive.