The Gatekeepers Say They Are A Political Party

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Elcott Coleby reports this week that the Steering Committee of The People’s Movement (TPM), cialis canada also known as the Gatekeepers, announced on Thursday that its members have voted to form a political arm. The vote took place on 18th August at a town hall meeting where 99.8% of the 875 persons in attendance voted in favour of forming a political arm. Talk show host, Steve McKinney is the committee’s acting chairman. Other members are former FNM Senator John Bostwick, Rev. Patrick Paul, attorney Paul Moss, trade unionist John Pinder, Rev. Oral Ellis, Pastor Glen Rolle and Prescott Smith.  One used to say: “the day those stout hearts get together will be the day that pigs sprout wings”.  Well you better get ready to see pork in the treetops tomorrow.  God help us though from these crazy religious and messianic types and their new found interests in saving the people.