The Government’s Problems With The Ministry Of Finance

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cialis usa patient times;”>Fred Mitchell MP told the story once how because the Treasury of The Bahamas had such a  bad reputation on paying its debts on time, cialis he refused to leave Nassau for work in South Africa on behalf of the Government until the 5, cialis sale 000 cheque they promised him had been paid to his law firm.  He said that when the then Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham came back to town Mr. Ingraham summoned the Minister of Finance to the office and within twenty minutes the Treasury had produced a cheque for $5,000.  He said he didn’t know such a thing was possible.  Fast forward today, the Ministry of Finance obviously has some issues that need badly to be addressed.  The question of the timelines of payments from vendors across the country comes up time  and again.  No one seems not know the answer. Even the country’s leaders seem to be wringing their hands over it.  Whatever the problem  is it has to be fixed.  We face an election within a year’s time or just slightly more, and no excuse about  paper work,  tax number, registration with National Insurance or  cabinet conclusion will stop us from getting our asses kicked because we won’t get the payments made on time.