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In its editorial of Friday 23 November, the Nassau Guardian boasted that it was founded on that day in 1844.  That makes the lousy paper 174 years old.  It started out as a left leaning anti-establishment paper in the early days by the Mosely family.  By the time the last family member, the spinster Mary Mosely was the editor, it had become bastion of defence for the colonial establishment. Then it was sold to the Bay Street Boys who used the paper to defend the indefensible racial apartheid that they wanted to maintain in The Bahamas. That was set aside after 1967 when they sold the paper to the American John Perry and he waffled between coddling up to Lynden Pindling and secretly supporting the other side.  Then the paper could have become owned by some PLP interests but alas the PLP let it escape and the paper was bought by the owner of Colina a combination of Emanuel Alexiou and Anthony Ferguson.  Under them and its General Manager and Managing Editor, the paper has become unremittingly hostile and biased against the PLP.  So, it was laughable when they said in the editorial that they are a paper of record and that they are keenly aware of it.  Problem is they do nothing to accurately reflect what is really happening in The Bahamas so much are they unethical and in the back pockets of the FNM.  It is really shameful. They have some talented writers but the soul of the paper is dedicated to the devils in the FNM.  One critic of the paper said aptly that it has become a print sheet for the FNM and Government press statements and answers to those press statements.  So perhaps they ought to do rethink and go to the priest and confess their sins.  They have done and are doing dirty deeds against the PLP.  They need to stop it. They have nothing to boast about.