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He got a welcome fit for a king Donald Trump, the President of the United States did as he landed in Saudi Arabia.  He is in good company.  This is a place that beheads people, lashes women, restricts them from driving, a dictatorship in splendour.   Mr. Trump likes that sort of thing.  Meanwhile at home in the United States, there is a storm brewing with the drip, drip of a free media.  The tales are being told.  It looks like he tried to squash the investigation into the Russians interfering with American elections.  The word impeachment is being used.  Of course the United States is sometimes a very irrational country, launching into feeding frenzies which end up being nothing.  However, the establishment in the US both Republican and Democrat don’t like his fellow Trump and are out to get him so you may see a unique confluence of events that will lead to his ouster.   The United States has announced that a man Doug Manchester is to the new U S Ambassador to The Bahamas after almost four years without an Ambassador here.  The shameful behaviour of that country both by refusing one of the nominees of the Bahamas for Ambassador with trumped up charges against him and then not putting someone in place in Nassau may then come to an end.  However, we ought to remember the saying “be careful what you wish for.”