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So a 71 year old man was walking in his neighbourhood for his morning exercise. Except it was during that period when the Prime Minister put in place what he called a 24 hour lockdown, so you were not permitted to walk outside your yard to exercise but you had to remain within your yard. The police arrested the man.  Charged him before the court.  He pleaded guilty and explained why he was outside his yard.  The Magistrate fined him 400 dollars

Other cases mainly from  people in the bottom as they say.  Four people were found in a car on their way to KFC looking for food.  That also happened too beyond the curfew hours. We thought food was supposed to be the exception to the rule.  They were charged before the courts and the magistrate charged them 250 dollars.

Each week the newspaper reports these charges ritually and the PLP has been howling from the rafters about the  unfairness of this .  Both the PLP Members of Parliament and the Senators have spoken about the fact that this emergency is being used as an instrument of oppression against poor people.  The FNM Government desperate for revenue because they stupidly shut down commerce in the country is now using the criminal courts to collect money.  So it is the poor people who are paying the price for their management incompetence.

Meanwhile, the FNM has allowed the liquor store out west owned by one of their financial backers to operate without let or hindrance. Yet they have closed down all the other liquor stores in the country.  Why would you close down the liquor stores when they are sources of tax revenue for the country?

They also closed down all the numbers houses. This was also another source of revenue for a cash starved government. No doubt they were getting on their moral high horse.

Our concern here is not for the FNM.  Our concern here is the hatred which is building up in the country against them form the Prime Minister on down.

A young woman and her partner were charged before the courts for causing public terror by  posting on line a threat to go and rob because the curfew was causing her to have no money and she did not know what to do. She said she would go and rob the rich to get money if that’s what it took.  The next day she was in  handcuffs.

She was wrong.  However, the Government is wrong also because it just seems blind, deaf and dumb to human suffering.  Their answer is to provide these little care packages with their pictures on it that they give out in communities as if that is going to somehow help the problem. It does not.  There is no substitute for people being able to make their own buying decisions.

As PLP supporters we are ignored. However, we have an obligation to set the record straight and be on the record.  The Government should be warned that hatred is building up against them because of this. We think in this case, a word to the wise is sufficient.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 18th April, up to midnight:  240,484

Number of hits for the month of April up to Saturday, 18th April,  up to midnight:  615,396

Number of hits for the year 2020 up to Saturday, 18th April,  up to midnight:  3,241,359.