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Barry Griffin, National PLP Vice Chair, experienced the hatred the FNM has for the PLP

This week Barry Griffin, the National Vice Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party, spoke at the Fox Hill Branch of the PLP on Wednesday 18 December 2019.  He said as he reviewed the events of the past year politically that he believed that 2019 was a year of reckoning for the PLP, the FNM and the Bahamian people. 

In speaking about his experience at the House of Assembly watching the vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, he was shocked to find the hatred which the FNM has for the members in the House for the PLP.  He said that it was one thing to watch it from television but this was the first time that he had actually seen it in person.  That was a signal to him that the FNM knows that the trend is against them and they were trying everything in their power to damage the PLP.  

We want this week to concentrate on that word “ hatred”.  There can be no other explanation for the viciousness with which the FNM and its leaders are behaving.  We believe that the FNM has inherited from their United Bahamian Party progenitors a disease which we call racial hatred. There is this deep dark fear somewhere in the recesses of their minds that the Progressive Liberal Party represents the dark hordes that are about to come get what’s theirs. Perhaps you readers can provide an alternative explanation.  

In fact it is racial self-hatred.

After the House of Assembly was done on 11 December 2019; after perverting the no confidence resolution with the aid and comfort of a compliant Speaker; the Free National Movement government and their Members of Parliament, then invited the PLP to join them for the annual Christmas luncheon for the Parliament.  The PLP members refused.

This year there was not even a luncheon with the Governor General with members of the PLP.  There was a scheduling cock up and so it ended up with no luncheon at all. So under this administration, the traditions of the Parliament and of the country, traditions of ordinary civility are out the window.

Philip Davis, the Leader of the Opposition and his colleagues, when they win the Government next time, will have hell on their hands in this atmosphere just to be able to constrain their supporters who have watched this cannibalistic behaviour by the FNM. There is a  cry for vengeance from PLP supporters that he will have to fight tooth and nail, if we are to keep the peace in this country.

One thing is certain the year 2020 is going to be quite a tough year and we will be remembering throughout the year from day one that comment from Barry Griffin about the hatred he saw from the FNM.