The Haywards vs The St Georges

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There is an interesting drama being played out in the courts of The Bahamas with an interesting set of affidavits which reveal the innermost workings of the feud that threatened to wreck the Grand Bahama Port Authority as a business following the death of Edward St. George. All the main protagonists are dead: Mr. St. George, Sir Jack and then Sir Albert Miller.  What is now before the courts is dispute over the Hayward’s share of the business and how the trust that managed those shares made its decisions.  It is a confusing mish mash of you say and I say.  The main protagonist is a Machiavellian, Iago like character named Hannes Babak, who Sir Jack took to his bosom before his death and who the children of Sir Jack say helped to undermine the trust.  No doubt the Courts will be asked to pronounce and we will know what it mean sin law.  In the meantime, it means nothing to the people of Freeport who are suffering egregiously from a bad economy and serious under investment, due to the failure of the Grand Bahama Port Authority to do its job.