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Editor’s Note: just when you think things are bad, they get worse. Here is a note sent about this matter to, followed by the Government’s announcement)

This business of sabotage is serious because only one of the 4 chiller systems is up and running effectively. During our watch in 2017 we awarded a contract for the installation of a new chiller system to replace one installed by the former FNM administration and that contract was completed in late 2017 after we left office. Apparently that is the only system that is running effectively as we speak. 

A few days ago the PHA awarded a few contracts for the installation of a new chiller systems at the critical care block.. But on close examination of the contracts it was verified that a company called 

Caribbean international AC services was awarded contracts again after failing to install and effectively maintain the existing chiller systems. 

My question is who is this company and who are the principles. 

What is so interesting is this is the same company who installed the old system during the construction phase and did a poor job with the installation and maintenance that has brought us to where we are today. It is my opinion that they should have been scraped of the PHA bid list for incompetence.   

I have also learned that the company has admitted to PHA representatives of failure  to maintain the old systems installed by them yet they were back at the table. 


July 12, 2019


The Public Hospital Authority advises that with immediate effect, all scheduled major surgical procedures for the Operating Theatres at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) have been suspended. Only emergency cases will be facilitated at this time. Patients booked for surgical procedures between the 12th through the 19th July 2019 are asked to contact the Hospital at 357-8795.

Following months of challenges associated with maintenance, power failures and possible sabotage, PMH has commenced works to facilitate the installation of an upgrade to the chiller system of the Critical Care Block (CCB) and will engage the Royal Bahamas Police Force to investigate a possible compromise in security.

Challenges with the cooling system in the CCB led to the public tender for new chillers and additional interventions to safeguard the HVAC system. It is anticipated that manufacturing and installation of this new system will occur over the next five (5) months.  In the interim, equitable chiller capacity has been leased and will be installed to accommodate the installation upgrade.

Management apologizes for any inconvenience caused and appreciates the public’s patience at this time.