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The crowds who protested when the PLP was in power are nowhere to be found.

The PLP voted against the new National Intelligence Bill which the people in the Black shirts marched under the leadership of the craven Ranard Henfield and called “ the spy bill”.  But like everything else with this crooked FNM Government, their words and objections meant nothing.  They only meant to stop the PLP.  The PLP had circulated a draft just before the general election in February 2017 but they withdrew it to deal with it after the general election.  The idea was simply to get all the agencies of the law enforcement on one page and to coordinate their intelligence gathering functions.  The FNM took that  and turned it into something else.  Now they are the government and without so much as by your leave and without blinking an eye, they have come back with a  bill that is even worse than what we imagined.  The Leader of the PLP Philip Davis said in the House of Assembly that the bill is unconstitutional. Glenys Hanna Martin, the MP  for Englerston, said that marching to bring down the Government would now be a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment. So the FNM that came to power by marching to bring down the Government is trying to put a  stop to anyone trying it again.  The PLP will seek to make further amendments in the Senate and will vote against it in that body.