The Ides Of March

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Every month has an ides, but only March is known for it.

Here’s the history of 15 March  from CNN. Every year on this date. Senator Fred Mitchell and FNM Candidate Zendal Forbes exchange the famous exchange in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar between Caesar and the soothsayer, wherever in the world they are.

What is an ides?
Ides simply refers to the middle of the month. In Roman times it was known as the deadline for settling debts.

Why beware the ides of March?
The date is marked by bloodshed: it’s most commonly associated with Julius Caesar’s brutal assassination in 44 BC.

Caesar’s gruesome death was a pivotal point in Roman history.

And William Shakespeare made the event even more famous with his play “Julius Caesar,” in which a soothsayer warns the Roman leader to beware the ides of March.

Shakespeare writes that this the exchange as Caesar left his home for the Senate where he expected to be offered to be made king or emperor.  Instead he was assassinated.  The soothsayer had earlier warned him to beware of the Ides of March.  So as Caesar was leaving his home, he was challenging the soothsayer.  The soothsayer had a ready answer for him as  you will see.  By the end of the day, Caesar was dead, killed by the Senators one of them his dear friend Brutus.