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The PLP had an exciting rally on Wednesday 16 January 2019.  The rally was held to mark Majority Rule Day which was celebrated the week before on 10 January.  The Party did not want the partisan spirit of a rally to be mixed up with that of the celebration for Majority Rule Day. The press were all there but when the press reported the next day, it was like nothing at all had happened.  No pictures and instead an attack by The Nassau Guardian on Chester Cooper, PLP Deputy Leader. who up to that moment in the editorial of the 17Janaury had been their favourite to lead the PLP.

There are two stations that are the exception to this blacking out of the PLP’s message.  One is Wendell Jones’ Love 97.  The other is Sebass Bastian’s Eyewitness News Channel.  The latter had a news drop at the start of the rally and can generally with Mr. Jones’ station be counted on to give the PLP a fair break.

Not so ZNS.  The news is that nothing that the Opposition says can be reported on ZNS unless there is an answer from the Government.  If the Government does not answer then it doesn’t get on the television.

The attack on Chester Cooper was also a sign of what is to come. There are no exceptional Negroes in this struggle.  What these folks do is set up to say that one PLP or another is exceptional, then if you fall for that, you fall into a trap, because they soon viciously turn on the PLP who accepts their blandishments.

So be wary those PLPs who keep hearing from FNMS that “ we can’t win with Brave and what we need is someone like “X” (here put the FNM favourite, usually the person that they are talking to at the time).  It’s all a set up and hoax.  There is nothing that any PLP can do to please these people.  We have to press ahead.

They say that in the old days when the late Percy Munnings was the numbers man and the Treasurer of the PLP, whenever the PLP had a problem they would be able to turn to Percy Munnings for rescue.  He always had a bag and he carried around a wad of cash and had the ability to solve problems.

These days the equivalent of that seems the Eyewitness News station owned by another numbers man, rebranded web shops Sebass Bastian. Isn’t it interesting that the PLP has to in part to depend on electronic news coverage from the Eyewitness News Team, owned by a numbers man… a man the FNM wants to destroy?  If it weren’t for that station and its professionalism and that of Mr. Jones, you might not hear a word that the PLP says.

Never fear though, the PLP won without the support of ZNS before and without the support of The Guardian and The Tribune. The PLP simply needs to keep working, keeping their eye on the prize.  Never looking left or right.

It’s good that these folks are not looking and are busy patting themselves on the back, then deluding themselves by thinking that by denying the opinions of the PLP on the air that they are suppressing the anti FNM fervor which marks the country at the moment. Go right ahead, when the PLP wins, there will be some rejoicing for sure by some but Hubert Minnis and is scrap gang will be weeping and gnashing their teeth.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 19 January 2019 up to midnight: 175,608

Number of hits for the month of January up to Saturday 19th January 2019 up to midnight: 482,744

Number of hits for the year 2019 up to Saturday 19th January 2019 up to midnight: 482,744