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So when the Leader of the Opposition Brave Davis had his press conference on the day after the proclamation of a state of public emergency, the press and the public were all over him that he was showing disunity at a time of national crisis, to the point that he was being unpatriotic was the tone of the criticism,  His sin was saying that the orders were an overreach and that  they were inconsistent and had the Opposition been consulted, the errors may have been avoided. Fast forward to last week, some 14 days or so after the proclamation and many iterations of orders under the emergency powers laws, came the announcement that the Government was protecting the people who did not pay their insurance premiums for general insurance.  The rule said that notwithstanding the fact that the payments were not made for the premiums, the insurance company had to honor the contract and  if called upon to pay they had to pay but deduct from the sum paid any premiums owed.  The insurance people were in the press the next morning crying foul. They said it was unconstitutional, that the government did not have the right to do so. Well now who is not arguing for unity and who is now being unpatriotic.  Where is Jeanne Thompson who attacked Brave Davis now?