The Judge Continues With This Injunction Nonsense

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viagra buy times;”>The Save The Bays nonsense continues in the Courts.  When will the Courts finally declare Fred Smith Q C to be a vexatious litigant?  He was back in court on 12 May.  Lloyd Barnett Q C from Jamaica was brought in to fight the case on behalf of the parliament before this Judge Indra Charles.  She decided that she would maintain the status quo which essentially means the  injunction continues.  However, Fred Mitchel MP had made it clear that no injunction by any court bars him and does not bind him.  Fred Smith and the Judge had an exchange in the courts and she said that she thinks that the formal injunction does not need to continue because she is sure the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker will do the right thing.  The questions is not whether the Speaker and the Deputy will do the right thing but will she?  The matter is adjourned for a full hearing next week.