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When the present Judge Carolita Bethel served as a magistrate, defence lawyers knew that if you went before her, OH BOY.  There was a High rate of convictions. So everyone is watching what is happening with the case Shane Gibson now before her. The report is that that she asked the witness for the crown who was in the witness box for eight days: would he like a chair; would he want some water?  At one point, the Defence Attorney had to ask the Court to clarify what appeared to be a sidebar conversation between the Judge and the witness. The case has now had to be adjourned to 11 November 2019 because in the first instance what was set down for three weeks, the Crown’s Q C from London has to go back home to do a case before the Privy Council.  In the discussions in the court,  the Crown suggested a return date which was inconvenient for the defence. The Judge asked the Defence Attorney K D Knight  whether it was not possible for Damien Gomez to hold brief for him while he was away. No similar question was asked of the Crown’s Q C.  Like would the Director of Pubic Prosecutions be able to hold brief. Just saying.