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discount cialis purchase times;”>junkanoo_fiascoLast week when the Boxing Day results for the annual Junkanoo parade were announced there was quite simply a ball of confusion.  The first thing is the results came out a full 24 hours later than when they were supposed to.  The second thing was that when the results were announced they were later revised some hours later to say that the results were all wrong.  The Saxons who had been announced the winners were in fact in second place and their derivative group  One Family was in fact the winner.

buy viagra nurse times;”>Douglas Hanna, site who is usually a stoic policeman, seemed flummoxed as he twisted and turned in front of the media explaining well that it wasn’t quite his fault.  It was actually the accountants who could not count.  Doesn’t say much for accountants.

Then there was the two hour break in the parade on Boxing Day.  They said the reason for that was an argument between the police and the Junkanoo Corporation that organizes the parade when one of the groups in the line up broke down.  The police, the Corporation says, would not allow the next group to move up and come in.  The result was that the parade was held up for two hours.

One wry comment of a visitor brought to The Bahamas from Atlanta by the Consul  General from Atlanta was how are you going to get me to come back to the carnival in May when this is what you present to me?  Fair enough, but forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

The most laughable part of the whole episode was the arrest of one of the judges who had an ankle bracelet and was the subject on a police wanted poster for the alleged charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.  The Judge was taken away in handcuffs

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. The police were righteously indignant. The crowd cheered as the judge was taken away.

One week later came the  New Year’s Day parade.  Well no points changes and mess for the New Year’s Junkanoo parade.  Only this time, the crowds didn’t show up.  Junkanoo is supposed to be a spectator sport.  No crowds so what is the joy in it. Rawson Square, the centre of the parade’s activity, was empty. 

The Prime Minister said that in response to all of this he has ordered the Minister of Culture to review the matter and find ways to make Junkanoo less boring.  The old biddy of The Tribune Eileen Carron said that the parade has simply lost its roots.  We don’t agree with her at all but there is something to be said for the fact the whole thing has become unwieldy and difficult and the players so quarrelsome that it seems that all the fun is out of the parade.

So we need a makeover of Junkanoo.  That’s it plain and simple.  We don’t need any further explanations, or handwringing and  advice.  There has to be a radical makeover of the parade to  make the whole thing more crowd friendly and  a true amusement for the Bahamian public and the visitors who come to see it.

By the way: Happy New Year.  We thank you for reading this column and  the numbers are more impressive than ever of the hits we have had in the year 2014.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 3rd January 2015 up to midnight: 535,901;
Number of hits for the month of December up to Tuesday 31st December 2014 up to midnight: 2,475,302;
Number of hits for the year 2014 up to Tuesday 31st December 2014 up to midnight: 16,328,247;
Number of hits for the year 2015 up to Saturday 3rd January 2015 up midnight: 138,744.

(The photo shows Superintendent Douglas Hanna announcing the wrong Junkanoo results on 27th December, following the Boxing Day Parade.)