The Latest On Loretta Butler Turner, Her Moves, Her Senators

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Louby Georges

Erin Greene

The report that Loretta Butler Turner has been turfed out of her headquarters in Long Island has not been refuted by her.  But apparently Loretta Butler Turner went to Long Island to show her face since she pulled that treacherous move to politically stab Dr. Hubert Minnis her Leader in the FNM in the back.  They say the turnout was not good.  She is on the run down there.  Breaking news is that Mrs. Butler Turner who promised shock and awe with her Senate appointments plans to appoint Louby we call him “Loopy” Georges, the Haitian activist to the Senate so he can start attacking Bahamians for hating Haitians.  He is a Fred Smith disciple and so comes from the looney toon school of public policy.  He is also a friend of the US Embassy having been sponsored by them to a visit in the US.  Then we are told that Erin Greene, the Head of the LGBT Movement in The Bahamas, is going to be a Senator.  Score one for the Gays.  Then Senator Monique Gomez who just resigned as Dr. Minnis’ appointment will retake her seat as Mrs Butler Tuner’s appointment.  This is going to be interesting.