The Law Firms Lay Off Staff

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Former DNA Leader Branville McCartney lays off his law firm’s staff

The same is true for the law firms as it is for the Anglican Church.  Thirty days have not gone by since this phony state of Public Emergency was declared by the FNM and the law firms could not carry their staff for thirty days. The top eight firms all collectively laid off all their ancillary staffs and cut their lawyers salaries by 25 per cent. Branville McCartney who has  a large firm himself said that he had to lay off people because there was simply no business. Once again, it was the PLP’s leader who spoke up for the law firms. The problem was exacerbated by the government who stupidly closed down the supreme court registry and the  registry of records so lawyers could not  file any transactions and pay government fees. The Government reversed itself last week.  Now more than ever we need the PLP but these buggers in these law firms and probably the management of the Anglican church will never support the PLP.  Too black we suppose.