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From The Leader Of The Opposition:
On The Walkabout On East St

9 January 2020

Today, I and members of my party took a walk down East Street. 

This was the street on which the late Sir Lynden Pindling lived.

It has been a centre for Black commerce for many years.

It is the heart of the inner city.

At the start of his term, the Prime Minister indicated a number of measures which he said would boost life and investment in the inner city of New Providence.  It was an over the hill initiative designed to improve the plight of those who live and work over the hill.  We predicted that it would not have the desired effect.

Today demonstrated to me that the programme has not been successful and that the FNM has nothing so far to show for its over the hill development programme.  It was simply not enough at all.

What I saw was the shape of the road  is terrible.  It is like walking on a washing board. 

I saw lots of closed and shuttered businesses. 

The people I talked to are looking for hope and help.

So today, I renew our commitment to continue the programmes which we started which will bring that help and hope.  We in the PLP continue to advocate for  over the hill Bahamian business person and for the people who live here.

We cannot afford for this community to fail.

On this the eve of the 53 rd anniversary of Majority Rule, I make that pledge.