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Where Oh Where Can that Little Boy be
Oh, where oh where is he?

— adapted from an old nursery rhyme

James Albury was elected to the House of Assembly at the tender age of 23.  He was the choice of the Abaco whites for their representative, simply because he was an FNM. Eva Bain, the PLP’s standard bearer in the last election would have been a better choice.  Not that he Mr. Albury had the talent or the ability just they liked him and he was FNM.  His performance after the hurricane hit Abaco has been underwhelming.  He has been the butt of jokes and ridicule.  Of course, you never know what is truth from fiction but he has done nothing to dispel the stories.  The story is that he abandoned ship and decamped in the US for the entire period of the storm. The he couldn’t be found for days after the storm. Suddenly there was an announcement in the press that he MP for South Abaco was going to open an office to deal with the problems of people in Abaco.  Guess where the office is though: not Abaco but in Nassau.  Well that makes sense. More comfortable in Nassau. Things that make you go hmmm!