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Dionisio D’Aguilar had a bad week last week.  The Minister of Tourism found out that the deal for the Lucayan Beach Hotel that this FNM Government paid 65 million dollars for, then spent up to 100 million and counting in total to keep the thing open, then laying off the staff, hoping that they could get it open. Turns out that the Hutchison people, owned by the Hong Kong folks  may have pulled another fast one.  Not only did they collect the insurance money and then sell the hotel to a dumb government at an overvalue but now the people who want to buy are saying if they cannot get a deal on a new cruise port, the hotel deal cannot close.  Uh oh!  You know those Hong Kong folks.  Money doesn’t matter to them and  so the deal has effectively collapsed. Ain’t likely to happen.  Mud on the face of the FNM again. Strike two in the ninth inning, with no men on base.