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cialis sale times;”>cargill 

This post appeared on a  number of Bahamian Facebook  pages.  It titillated and there was much tut tutting and pooh poohing, and faux moral outrage.  The marriage is a same sex wedding and fed into the anti-gay narrative that these nasty preachers in The Bahamas have been seeking to try to stop the Yes vote in the referendum.  One of course has nothing to do with the next but you know the axiom, don’t let the truth interfere with a  good story. The fact is while the fact of a marriage is  public information, who you live with,  sleep with and  pledge your credit to, leave your property  and raise children with is your business and that of the couple’s alone, regardless of the gender.  It’s none of our business. The father Algernon Cargill Sr. told the public to fuck off ( our word not his).  That was his son, he stood by him and was proud of everything he had accomplished.  Mr. Cargill Sr. is the former Director of National Insurance.  Mr. Cargill Jr. is a specialist in pediatric medicine in Chicago.  Well done. The post appeared on 16 May.