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Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security, has big balls… a lot of them. He stood in the House of Assembly on Wednesday 17 June 2020  and repeated a  narrative which for the FNM is all too familiar.  Life began when they were elected on 2017 and history began at the same time. You would have thought that a man who is judicially condemned for his conduct in the Frank Smith case; who has been caught out supporting a  police officer condemned for fixing up the evidence in the Shane Gibson case and now embroiled in a row with his former ministerial colleague Dr. Duane Sands that he would show some remorse, contrition and humility.  But no there he was spouting off propaganda about what a good job he and the FNM have done since 2017.

Precisely, we take issue with his assertion that the Progressive Liberal Party did not make any provision for the refueling of ships in the southern Bahamas for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and no generating shore power for the ships on which the PLP spent 219 million dollars to have built for the Force.  He then made this leap. He said that the PLP was therefore in no position to offer the FNM fiscal advice.

But hang on here.  This is not the same FNM Government that ordered two new craft but forgot to take the measurements for the harbour at the headquarters at Coral Harbour and so the ships could not dock there but had to be docked at the Prince George Dock instead.  It took the PLP coming to office to execute Operation Sandy Bottom which made it possible for the first time for those ships to dock at their base in Coral Harbour.

More importantly, however, for this case is the fact that the Minister refused to check or was unwilling to reveal the record of what was left by his predecessor Dr. Bernard Nottage. It’s all there.  What execution of plans requires, however, is money and now that he has the money he is simply carrying out the plan left in place. The games these folk play are so childish. 

There is no place in public life for one who is so dishonest in his public statements.