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Lying is a sickness. There is a group calling themselves the Coalition of Independents (COI). This is the latest iteration and disguise of Lincoln Bain and the band of miscreants who follow him conducting borderline criminal activities in the state of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  Each week they seem to wake up out of their beds and figure out what wickedness they will carry out  on that day.  It usually involves disturbing the peace, or incitement and at all times it is lying.  Led by a miscreant who has threatened to kill all Haitians in the country, and a woman lawyer who  how she wins cases is a miracle, and is joined by a  convicted criminal attached to the FNM who specializes in other people’ s sex lives.  This crew led a group of protestors into the public square last Wednesday 14 September 2022 to protest a citizenship bill, and an asylum bill which they said the  PLP was proposing to lay before the House. Only there is and was no bill.  The whole thing was a figment of their imagination. We call their activities a sign of mental illness. We wait and see.