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( The letter writer is the owner of Switcha, the Bahamian drink and is the son of Mervin Sweeting of Bertha’s Go Go Ribs—Editor)

PM – Wake up, Please Wake up

Dear PM Minnis, 

Its is hoped you can comprehend this message. Your burden is heavy, we acknowledge that, most even pray for you. The virus is real, we acknowledge that, and most adhere to the rules to prevent its spread. We are in unchartered waters, we accept that. However, what we cannot accept is the way you to talk to The Bahamian people. The tone is very condescending and upsetting which makes it exceedingly difficult to listen to you anymore. We are men and women who love our country, probably more than you and cannot and will not accept the level of disrespect continuously coming from you in policies and words. 

The lockdowns are causing more harm that will be difficult to repair, far more reaching than the virus ever could. Did you realize more people died from car accidents, than Covid? Did you realize more people died from Murder in The Bahamas since March than Covid? Businesses are suffering and closing, the population is becoming desperate and depressed. The Bahamian people are also losing faith and have lost faith in your leadership. Mr. PM learn from history; your people will turn against you very soon if you do not wake up. You are losing the respect of the armed forces; the economy is crumbling, and the tension is mounting high. Wake Up!

Solutions, firstly apologize to The Bahamian people for your rudeness. Then ask us to forgive you and trust you again. You may be able to salvage some support. Open the economy with the needed protocols, along with the beach and parks. Thereafter explain in DETAIL the ECONOMIC PLAN for the country. You are taking too long and wasting too much time. This is real life Mr. Minnis, wake up! For heaven’s sake wake up!

I say this to you with pure heart, the people are turning on you by the minute, our country is spiralling negatively in every which way, time is not on your side and I fear no one will be able to prevent the inevitable of The Bahamian people demanding, very actively, your immediate resignation, and maybe worse, you being exiled from The Bahamas. Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

Mervin Christian Sweeting

Citizen and Business Owner