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Romuald Ferreira, the Minister of Housing, is turning out to be quite a nit wit. He was in the House last week attacking Arawak Homes about the cost of some of the houses that the company has built.  Arawak Homes is one of the most successful companies in this country. It is a black owned business, started from the ground up.  No Bay Street money. Perhaps that is the reason why the minister finds it easy to attack them. For FNM ministers, nothing good can come that is black.  They spend all their time accusing anything that has a black Bahamian in it of being no good and accusing their owners of being cheats and thieves. The question you have to ask these people is after you get the facts told to you in black and white; you in fact know what the facts are; so you deliberately mislead. Why do you keep doing it? Two years into your FNM administration and all you keep doing is talking about what the PLP did instead of governing.