The Minister Responds To Sharon Adderley’s Accusations

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The following statement was released by the Bahamas Information Services on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell MP

21 March 2016

I have been shown this evening a statement purportedly from the mother of Christopher Adderley deceased, a Bahamian who died in custody in Haiti. The statement continues to parrot a set of falsehoods and untruths about my personal role and the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the care and conduct of the case of Mr. Adderley deceased first put in the public domain by Adrian Gibson, a columnist of The Tribune.

On the face of it, the response from the mother is nonsense. She does not even know what she is talking about and didn’t understand what she was hearing on television. I can understand now why she does not understand the most basic of matters about her son’s care. She is a little slow.

The fact is in my statement in the House I made no reference to her or her conduct or that of her family. I read nothing from them. In fact the statement I read came from the Gray family disassociating themselves from the comments of Mr. Gibson.

Now we learn from the mother of Mr. Adderley’s statement that she is complicit in sending bribes to Haitian officials. This is news and now a matter for the police. I guess confession is good for the soul. I can assure the public that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not complicit in any scheme to pay bribes to Haitian officials. That is a figment of her imagination.

Her response is just plain silly. It is also defamatory and I warn her to be careful.