The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs On The El Faro

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sildenafil ed times;”>8th October 2015

advice times;”>The following statement was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Bahamas:

and times;”>The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes publicly to express to the Government of the United States and the Government of Poland its sadness at the apparent loss of the lives of American and Polish mariners on board the ship the “El Faro”. The ship went missing during the height of Hurricane Joaquin and the search for it and its crew was officially suspended on 7th October. The human loss is tragic. We know that this has caused great sadness and distress to the families of those who are feared lost at sea. The Government of The Bahamas thanks the United States Coastguard and all who assisted in the search and rescue efforts in the matter of the El Faro and more generally for the work of the Coastguard and other US entities with Bahamian agencies during the hurricane and its aftermath. A diplomatic note with similar expressions will be sent to the United States and Poland.