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So Carl Culmer, the feckless Chairman of the Free National Movement, finally found his voice from the grave  by issuing a long press release in answer to the decision by the Prime Minister Philip Davis to appoint his Cabinet. According to Mr. Culmer, the Cabinet of Mr. Davis is the largest ever and that this was exactly the opposite of what Mr. Davis had promised in the run up to the general election.

There were other discordant voices some of whom had become recent allies of the PLP in the general election who were expressing surprise at the size of the cabinet. The problem is that Carl Culmer and the others have just now found their voices.

The facts as far as we can say in these circumstances are these: Philip Davis was elected by the Bahamian people and in that election with an overwhelming majority of seats, he has the mandate to exercise his own judgement with regard to how the affairs of the country are to be managed.  So our view is that the size of the Cabinet is one of those decisions.  Let’s give the man a break. Let us give him a fair shot at succeeding instead of sandbagging the man at the start and prejudging.

This should be the position of all people of goodwill.

We think that all the men and women who have bene elected must be keenly aware of the state of the country and the job and task which they have now to get things done, done effectively and get them done quickly.  It is our hope that the Carl Culmers of this world will just be quiet for a season and let the man get on with his job.

However as was said in many other fora, the PLP cannot over read this mandate from the people, as giving the party carte blanche to do as it wishes.  The party must be effective in its actions and judicious in its words.

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