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Last week on 15 February, the Nassau Guardian decided that it would attack the PLP again.  This time they did not like the fact that the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis was complaining about the persecution of PLP supporters by the state and in particular the FNM. Mr. Davis’s statement came following the arrest of four people who were PLPs and who served in the Urban Renewal Department under the PLP administration.  Since coming to power, the FNM dismissed the three people in Grand Bahama because they were PLPs and then the fourth in Nassau has had no work from the Government.  That’s how life is.  However, the FNM would not leave well enough alone.  Now they have invented a case of fraud and money laundering against the four people. The case is quite inventive.  The mother is charged with extorting the child. The engineer is charged with laundering money.  On the face of it, the charges are stupid.  They were let out on 9000 dollars bail.  PLPs were incensed. The Nassau Guardian sees nothing wrong with the charges of course but worse they see nothing wrong with the blatant abuse of the individuals, their physical abuse and the abuse of power in the administration of justice.  Everything is ok. They called it whining. More and more the Nassau Guardian has no credibility. This has nothing to do with the charges or prosecutions for wrong doing.  Lawyers have something in the law of evidence called similar fact. This means there is a pattern of conduct that you can discern.  Look at all the cases beginning with Frank Smith one and up to this one where PLPs have been targeted, arrested and charged. The pattern is the same. Something is rotten.  The Guardian says never mind all that.  Just be quiet.