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Dr. Delon Brenan in file photo says keeping people inside is unsustainable in the long run.

Even the British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab who is in charge of the day to day Government in Britain  and the epidemic raging is saying that there has to be balance between the economy and saving the country from the virus.  Here at home Dr. Delon Brenan who is the number two on the Government’s Task Force told the press last week that keeping people under curfew is in the long run unsustainable.   So what the hell does the FNM government not get about this?  They seem intent on building up hatred in this population.  There are some things they can do immediately.  For example people in the Family Islands can be allowed to work .  There is no evidence to suggest that there is a problem in these islands.  Of course the other deficiency which the government has is the refusal up to now to do testing.  The opening up of the islands should be evidenced based.  But they need to start thinking about this and moving in that direction, otherwise the operation will be successful but the doctor will say  unfortunately the patient died.