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Ellsworth Johnson, is phenotypically black. Praise god for that. We have a man who is the son of a real warrior for justice in his dad Oscar Johnson. He was a hard warrior. Something happens though when the children of these hard warrior nationalists get into the FNM, they are transformed from lions into lambs. We hope that this is not the case. Mr. Johnson was sworn in by C A Smith Governor General on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 as the Minister for Financial Services and Immigration. Let’s hope he brings some sanity back to that department and some national pride which his predecessor Brent Symonette did not have. He simply gave away the store. Mr. Johnson’s swearing in is a remarkable come back for a minister who almost lost his job by publicly contradicting the Prime Minsker’s decision on the appointment of a Chief Justice. We will be watching to see what happens in the new post.