The New Normal Post Covid

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The Progressive Liberal Party under the leadership of Philip Brave Davis has already assembled a team of economic and social advisors to made recommendations on what the world  of The Bahamas should look like past Covid 19.  These recommendations will look at what should happen on the both the fiscal and monetary side of the public policy.  There is no doubt that money must be infused into the system,. There is no doubt that both the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank will have to play aggressive roles in that  policy post Covid 19.  Then there is our social life and the social support systems that will have to be in place.  How will our cultural norms evolve? Where will we earn our bread and butter?  Our guess is that while there will be substantial changes to the tourism product, it’s a pretty safe bet that some form of tourism will still be the engine that drives this economy. There must be some way to be able to welcome people to our shores without putting our lives at risk. We must also have a more vigourous health system and more vigourous enforcement of environmental policies. The Bahamas’ look  will be similar but different post Covid 19; we think that all of our citizens ought to contribute their ideas to what they should think should happen.  The guess is that it will need about 1 to 2 billion dollars to retool The Bahamas for that future, including substantial investments in telecommunications infrastructure. The world will be changed but not ended.