The Not So Funny Tribune Comic Is At It Again

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cialis canada times;”>He obviously needs to get a new job. There aint nothing funny about what he writes.  Why he calls himself a comic we will never know. Writes like a drudge is more like it.  What gets you with these anti PLP people who disguise themselves as objective observers is that they mount their arguments always on false premises. Take for example his assertion that Fred Mitchell with whom he and another Tribune columnist Nicole Burrows seem to have a fixation gave a live interview on radio instead of having reporters come to him.  He suggests that this was something new.  False.  It is simply false.  But then he goes to mount a whole argument of supposed funniness on that. He claims that Loretta Butler Turner responded to Mr. Mitchell because of his words  spoken down in Long Island and  the comic suggested that Mr. Mitchell should not be saying the things he did.  What a stupid fellow?  He thinks too much of himself.  As Andrew “Dud” Maynard would have said in the old days: “ he must smell his top lip”. The fact is the whole thing is not very funny.  It is also built on false premises and it’s obvious that this fellow does not understand the politics of the country or much about Mr. Mitchell and the comic simply does not know what he is talking about. Mr. Mitchell made a simple point to Loretta Butler Turner.  He said  that  she could accomplish more for her constituency if she used a dab of honey as opposed to a bag of bile.  If she doesn’t want to follow that advice then too bad. This bad comic who works for The Tribune can’t help her. You click to see what he wrote in his column in the Tribune on 21st August.