The Not So Sad Case Of Fred Smith

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For Q C Fred Smith reportedly went to Italy to celebrate his birthday. In stead of doing that according to him, he almost died in a freak accident while hang gliding in Italy.  True to being the drama queen that he is, he spoke from his hospital bed about how he almost lost a leg and what happened when a draft slammed him into a mountain side and he had to be rescued by helicopter and that he was lucky to be alive. We have no sympathy for him. He has caused innumerable problems for his country by his obdurate attitude.  He called immigration officers Nazis. He stopped the removal of the shanty towns and now will not accept responsibility for the deaths that occurred there during the hurricane.  He asked immigrants coming here illegally to bankrupt the Government.  He has in our view nothing redeeming to recommend his continuing to be a citizen of this country. His citizenship should be revoked.  We say that this accident could not have happened to a finer person.