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We objected to the appointment of Brian Moree to be Chief Justice. The reasons are quite simple but not to be repeated here but we ask since he has been Chief Justice what has he actually done? Is the administration of justice improving under him. The jury is still out but the evidence so far is unconvincing?

We think that the following requires parliamentary scrutiny:

That a brand new Lexus has been bought for the Office of Chief Justice at a time when the FNM is saying there is no money to pay civil servants

That there is a hiring binge of people being brought in contract, FNM supporters, including a protocol officer for the Chief Justice. One of them is getting reportedly 50,000 dollars per year

That the telephone logs will reveal a constant stream of conversations between the office and that of the prime minister and between that office and the attorney general

That new rules are being brought in that will make civil litigation even more difficult for ordinary men and women to seek their rights and raising the costs of the court system substantially.

These are a few of the complaints. But the Bahamian people sadly voted for this. They voted in a group of people who have a self hatred for everything that is ethnically black. They despise poor people. They see everything in terms of stopping the PLP from returning to office so the FNM has made it their job to pack the courts with FNMs. These views must he aired publicly and the Chief Justice must account to the public for what he is doing