The Opposition Suspended

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generic viagra cure times;”>Hubert Minnis, hospital the FNM Leader, and his band of merry men were trying to stop Alfred Gray from speaking in the House because they say he interfered with the judiciary and should not be in the House.  Only problem is the law is against them.  So what they could not accomplish by hook, they wanted to do by crook, i. e., to bang on the table during the House session so that Mr. Gray could not be heard.  The Speaker put up with this for a couple of months but last week, he had enough and ordered them to stop.  When they failed to do so, he suspended three of the Members including Mr. Minnis, Opposition Spokesman Hubert Chipman and Richard Lightbourne for one day. The others except Edison Key left in support.  It is remarkable that the Leader Of Opposition is interfering with the right to free speech in the House instead of championing it.