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            I have long suspected that there is disarray and contention within the Minnis led cabinet. The demonstration/protest led by my colleague and brother, Adrian Francis of Sovereign Bahamas, a few days ago, when female Bahamians were rudely (in my opinion) manhandled by male police officers and piled into a small bus, has now exposed the chinks.

            Since March of this year, the Competent Authority has acted and behaved like a one man band who has all of the answers and solutions to the ongoing pandemic. We have been subjected to incoherent and instant curfews and indiscriminate lock downs issued at the edict of the Competent Authority. 

            This past Monday (17/8/2020) the PM did it, again. Shortly after 8:00 PM that night, during a debilitating so called national address, he declared an immediate seven (7) days TOTAL and IMMEDIATE lock down. Tens of thousands of Bahamians were caught with their pants down so to speak. No job; no income; exhausted savings; no groceries at home. No gas for one’s vehicle where one might have one and not a drop of portable water. This is not the Christian act of a man who is assumed to have a heart; a soul and compassion, is it?

            Last week or so a senior cabinet minister, the Hon. Dionisio D’Aguilar, Minister of Tourism & Aviation boldly opined that there would be NO MORE mandatory lock downs as they were doing more harm than good. He also opined that the economy could not survive another of the same. This was the first crack.

            Now, my erstwhile MP, the Hon. Marvin H. Dames, Minister of National Security, announced on social media platforms, that he, another senior cabinet member would WRITE a letter to the PM to express the concerns of his constituents (myself included I believe even though he’s not reached out to me) to the Competent Authority !! Well, well. Dames attends weekly cabinet meetings and could talk to Minnis at that time or simply telephone him. Surely, he has Minnis’ numbers?

            Several of those in the inner sanctum of the FNM have told me, off the record, that the PM is jittery and possibly confused due to the ongoing pandemic. One or two of then even suggested that the PM does NOT always consult with his cabinet colleagues, save and except those who may be in his kitchen cabinet. 

            It is well written that: ‘A house divided cannot stand’. Is a cabinet implosion on the way? By the way, where is Renward Wells (FNM-Bamboo Town), the newly hatched Minister of Health? Do you think that the Devil may have silenced him? To God then, in all things, be the glory. 

Ortland H. Bodie, Jr. Business Consultant & Talk ShowHost