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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party:

16 December 2020

It is widely known that Peter Nygard, a foreign billionaire, contributed money to the FNM’s political campaign. This means that since the FNM is the Government, they are the ones who have an obligation to address their connections to Mr. Nygard and disassociate themselves from these criminal allegations.

But the Bahamian people know the FNM very well. In their quagmire of deceit, there is no form of nastiness, filth and degradation to which the FNM will not go; anything to try to win the general election and discredit the PLP.

But Bahamians know that their press statement is nothing more than a distraction from the abject failures of this FNM government. They have borrowed 5 billion dollars with nothing to show for it.

They have spent $150 million and counting on a Grand Bahama hotel that no one works in. There is no economic relief in sight for Grand Bahama.

The FNM must stop wasting time on foolishness and get to work urgently – increasing much needed airlift into Nassau lest the recent hotel openings prove to be a temporary exercise.

Who could forget the crooked Oban oil deal which was an obscene land grab; the mismanagement of the both Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19 with The Bahamas suffering the highest infection rates of covid the region.

Currently thirty percent of our young people are out of work, the government has no jobs growth plan, but the best that Dr. Minnis and company can talk about is Nygard as a distraction. How pathetic.

Each man is responsible for his own personal conduct. This applies to the ordinary citizen and certainly to Dr. Hubert Minnis and his government.

PLP has nothing whatever as a party to do with the fictions of the FNM with regard to this matter.