The Phony Environmental Group Save The Bays

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On Affidavit on Transfer of E Mails From Save The Bays

For Immediate Release

27 February 2018

The press printed today the contents of an affidavit making accusations about the Leader of the Opposition and certain emails supposedly belonging to the phony environmental group Save The Bays. The contents of the affidavit are on the face of it scandalous and vexatious and an abuse of the processes of the court. The use of the affidavit as the truth of its content cannot be sustained and must be challenged. The information contained therein is untested hearsay evidence and should be struck out. It should never have been allowed in the public domain.

Further, The Leader denies it absolutely and completely. He says it is false.

The Leader of the PLP points out that a Judge of the Supreme Court made a determination with this same Save The Bays that the emails were obtained as a result of hacking. Now they come and say someone who was apparently their employee and therefore presumably with the right to have them gave the emails to someone else.

This supports the PLP’s view that Save The Bays is not now and never was a credible organization.