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A seven year old child Reyes Williams was killed by a stray bullet in Nassau Village last week. It moved the hearts of the nation. There was plenty of outrage to go around. The outrage reached the FNM back bench and the Speaker who is the representative for the area. The Speaker Halson Moultrie couldn’t go, he said, because he was in quarantine, except he did show up to run the House the next day. But he asked his colleagues Travis Robinson and Shonel Ferguson MPs for Fox Hill and Bain Town and Carlton Bowleg MP for North Andros to go represent him.  They duly intoned for the camera (of course)  how sorry they were.  They had the Speaker talk to them by telephone image.  It was a nice show but unfortunately dripping with insincerity.  They have no care in this world for that 7 year old or his family.