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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party:

Statement From The Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party
On DPM’s Response To The Alleged Attack On His Son

For Immediate Release

22 August 2019

The PLP notes the response of the Deputy Prime Minister to an attack on his son which he has now denounced. While personal outrage at personal attacks is fine and understandable, what is incomprehensible is the silence in the public policy response to the slander by FNM appointed public officials of other public officials.

Bennett Minnis, an FNM Board Appointee of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, made racist and homophobic remarks and threatened a breach of the peace. He remains a board member today. No one from the FNM, including the DPM and the Government has uttered a word even to disassociate themselves from the remarks either personally or as a party. By their silence, they have adopted the abusive language and unacceptable behaviour.

Later, a rogue employee of the Ministry of Works attacked the Director of Works using abusive language and slander. This was followed up by further slanderous and abusive language at other public figures. The Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, nor anyone in the Government or hierarchy of the FNM have publicly disassociated themselves from these acts. To date, the individual remains on the payroll of a public agency.

In the circumstances outlined then, it is difficult to accept that the DPM’s personal outrage is genuine and generic but seems specific and personal. It comes off as phoney outrage and portrays a double standard.

The Government is reminded that they are responsible for the public acts of public servants. Their private outrage is not applicable in circumstances where they are silent in the face of clear public misbehaviour.


Mr. Mitchell’s statement came following this statement issued by Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest:

K. Peter Turnquest
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, MP, East Grand Bahama


I am aware of malicious and defamatory social media accusations circulating online that falsely associate a member of my family with a matter before the court. I wish to state categorically that these fabricated claims are demonstrably false and completely untrue. They are a gross attempt at character assassination by uncaring and unscrupulous cowards: Political mischief making at its worst.

I caution the public to question the integrity of persons who make a habit out of generating and circulating these vexing stories with the intent of spreading false and defamatory information in the name of politics or irresponsible gossip.

The statement by Mr. Turnquest may be fitting in a personal sense but the FNM cannot walk away from the nastiness which they have engendered in their official campaigns.  Mr. Turnquest has been a beneficiary of it. He has said nothing about it. The PLP should continue to press the government to denounce the hate speech of Bennett Minnis of the Water and Sewerage Corporation and that other rouge employee of the Ministry of Works. These two people are on the public payroll and the FNM must disassociate themselves forcefully from them.

Until then the Bahamian people are entitled to say to Mr. Turnquest that you get what you deserve. When you play with a puppy, it will lick your mouth.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 24th August, 2019 up to midnight:  156,740;

Number of hits for the month of August up to Saturday, 24th August, 2019 up to midnight:  593,185;

Number of hits for the year 2019 up to Saturday, 24th August, 2019 up to midnight:  6,310,990