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Statement From The Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party

On Save The Bays Dishonest Press Release of 26 February 2020

27 February 2020

Once again the obsessive compulsive loony mindset behind the phony Save The Bays environmental group revealed itself to the Bahamian public. Instead of leaving their treasonous behaviour in the history books and seeking the forgiveness of the Bahamian people, they are seeking to make this some kind of personal contest.

The facts are these: There was collusion between monied foreign interests connected with the Louis Bacon fortune that sought to undermine stable governance in The Bahamas. They can protest and profess their innocence all they want. The Bahamian public is warned to stay away from them and not let their children and family members be exposed to treasonous behaviour and ideas.

It is interesting that in their worthless defences yesterday, the Save The Bays organization spent so much time over the issue of Peter Nygard and the law suit in New York. It speaks volumes about the collusion of which we speak.

For every time they open their worthless mouths, we will remind them of their collusion.