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viagra sale cialis times;”>Who is best equipped to lead The Bahamas? The PLP, discount viagra advice the FNM, the DNA?  We think the alphabet soup does not matter.  What we think it is the party that comes up with the best ideas.  We think the PLP is that party.  It has the ideas to take the nation forward and into the future.  There are others who won’t admit it but the facts are plain to see.  The PLP brought independence, the national institutions including National Insurance.  Now it is about the bring National Health Insurance.  It brought reform to immigration.  It has  brought reform to the gambling laws.  It has done the heavy lifting when called upon to do so and proactively so.  What you have in the Opposition is a lot of preening and saying that they don’t support it but they cannot say what they will support.

Take the flip flop of the Leader of the Opposition on value added tax ( VAT).  This is a tax which at first he said he would repeal if he came to office.  Now he says that he will  exempt certain items.  Except that the  Chamber of Commerce  heads Gowan Bowe is suggesting that maybe Mr. Minnis needs to go get better advice on the subject because he has missed the mark. The dissidents that have now left the PLP Greg Moss and Andre Rollins, what do they contribute to ideas debate?  When you examine all that they have had to say its all about ego and them and what should not be done but again they cannot tell you what should be done.  They risk Messrs. Greg Moss and André Rollins becoming irrelevant to the debate as young as they are.  They are even against equality for women.

The winner of the beauty contest though has got to be Branville McCartney, the leader of the DNA who was decided in a recent Front Porch article in the Nassau Guardian on Thursday 18th June like this: “ Instead of developing into a serious political leader McCartney is a celebrity politician who can deliver certain lines but who is woefully out of his depth when it comes to discussing policy and ideas.”  There you have it, the ideas reside in the PLP. 

John Delaney ,the former FNM Attorney General, is now defending the country and its financial services sector without getting into the political and ideological haranguing, sticking to ideas.  Peter Turnquest, the Deputy Leader of the FNM, would do well to borrow a page from him.  He proposed recently that we need to put together a coalition of blue chip financial services sector countries.  The fact is The Bahamas is on top of this every day through its foreign ministry and trade ministry. Where is the new idea Mr. Turnquest?    Bottom line is the PLP is the one with the ideas and best equipped to carry us forward.