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cialis usa generic times;”>(THEIR OPPONENTS KNOW)

tadalafil times;”>One alternative view of the Greg Moss resignation saga is that Mr. Moss represents the advanced guard of what is to come when the PLP faces the general election in 2017.  Right now it appears to many that the calculation has been made that with the election less than two years away, the fix is in.  Translated this means that the sleepers (those who are opposed but undeclared within the country and especially in the public service); the opportunists who calculate which side they will support depending on who looks likely to win; and those who are outright opposed are making some decisions.  Their view is that the PLP is not likely to win, given the litany of so called scandals over the past three years and so now is the time to turn the pressure on either to gain benefits from an outgoing PLP administration desperate to stay in power and so will do anything or to simply bugger up the works.  Mr. Moss and Mr. Rollins represent the advanced guard of that faction.  More insidious is the sleeper and opportunist group that Messrs. Rollins and Moss stands now give greater courage to. So you have to ask yourself, why does it take three years to hire one public servant; files get lost; instructions not followed?  Why would the Prime Minister have to indicate publicly that there is outright defiance within the police force and defence force to government policy?  Why would a passport office now take 12 weeks to issue a passport when the management of the office must have known that summer time was coming?  Reasonable and inquiring minds would want to know and should find an answer.  These are just a few of the probing questions. The answer we supply is this for your consideration: the FNM and its supporters declared and undeclared; those who are opposed to the PLP believe that with two  years left to run, they can act with impunity to stall, delay and defer everything that the PLP wants to do.  They figure by the time it all gets sorted out, the PLP following a general election will be history.  Being forewarned is forearmed.